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November 04 2012



Sports updates - Papson sports is a leading independent producer of sports information and works with many blue chip clients to create bespoke text, audio and video services for the web and mobile sports fans. With a large team of in-house reporters and freelance contributors, Papson sports is perfectly positioned to deliver any type of sports content to meet a client’s particular needs whether it be for mobile publishing or web broadcasting.
In addition, it is the destination for sports fans everywhere, covering breaking news, transfer rumors, big name interviews, live betting odds, articles and many more. Papson Sports attract over 16,000 Facebook fans and 60,000 twitter followers and counting , Our partnership and personal service approach ensures that we provides the latest sports news in the world.

Our team of editors provide unparalleled coverage of the world’s sports, with fans engaging with our content in different languages worldwide.

Sports updates
- Papson Sports uses writers based in the location and culture on which they report in order to bring local content to a global audience. Our vision is to unite using sports as a medium, and each edition brings together a regional audience to form a worldwide user base.

For advertisers and sponsors we focus on site customization, with our key USP editorial support and integration. Our aim is to understand your communication strategy and build this into the fabric of Papson Sports

Our position as the world’s new media sports community is further strengthened through a market-leading mobile platform, With 80% of our visitors being males between the age of 15 & 44, advertising on Papson Sports offers the unique opportunity to target your demographic more specifically than anywhere else, helping you to achieve the best possible return on every advertising dollar spent.

With Papson Sports the sky is the limit, we are able to fully customise a campaign according to your budget and preferences. We can also promote your site and real time deals across our rapidly increasing newsletter database, in addition to our Facebook and twitter followers.

If you would like to explore this unique advertising opportunity further please contact us at your earliest convenience.

A website is only as good as its readers, We want this site to have varied, intelligent and amusing content and perhaps some of you want to produce articles for your beloved club or sports.

Writing for PAPSON SPORTS can be very beneficial for you, We will be giving away prizes for the best writers of the month and we also tag all articles with the writer name for future references, Finally your writing will be seen by millions of people and you can therefore enjoy the feedback/abuse you inspire with your work.

If you’d like to apply, please email write@papsonsports.com with the following:

Contact Details
Club Supported (if any)
Favorite sports

Brief writing sample on any sports topic you like be it an expletive filled rant, tactical analysis or thoughtful haiku.

We want writers from all spheres of sports from the non leagues to the top tier and across the whole globe to boot and succeed.

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